September 22, 2023

🔥 Big Brother EP

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"When it comes to rock music, there's a particular magic that can't be denied. It's that blend of raw power, soul-stirring melodies, and lyrics that reach into the core of your being. Deacon Stone's latest album, "Big Brother," embodies all these qualities and more, delivering a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression. From the very first notes of the title track, "Big Brother," Deacon Stone sets the tone for an album that's unapologetically bold and unafraid to break the rules. With fiery guitar work by Rick Drevet and Dean Berry's commanding vocals, this song is a testament to the band's exceptional talent and their determination to stand out."
Review by Vai Thomas & Staff - Indie Spoonful

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Nice sound! I can hear the Lynyrd Skynyrd & Allman Brothers sound & feel! I really like it!

Wow!!! AMAZING... SO heart felt. Love love... Do you have music videos? If not you definitely should. Thanks for that Julie Mato

Love the ZZ Top sound and the lyrics are perfect for today’s world. I hope you can add some snap happy songs, that’s a great song’ performed perfect, just reminding us of how depressing things are. But that’s what sells. Robin Sultana

Man ! Felt it coming from your soul. Great. I grew up in Memphis..worked in a club that booked bands every weekend. Dated JW Williams road mgr for Point Blank..ZZ Top..he worked for Lone Wolf Prod. And I can say yall are really good ! Love your voice ! Reba Fitts

You've got the voice, and the common man's heart . If want constructive feedback, needs a better beet My only thing I MIGHT change Julia Turner

Rick, I thought that was absolutely speaking of my life. I'm like "dang dude, was you reading my mind"!!! Great job, "living it one day at a time", that's me for sure. Sue Stinson

Rick, I tell ya I’m a rock and country fried rock guy, Allman Bros, Skynard, etc. wife and daughter country girls. We all loved it!! Well done. Keep me posted please on release date. Thanks. God bless you guys. Don Ginder

GREAT vocals! It's realness gives me chill bumps. I give it a big thumbs up! I thank you As always....DOIN THE BEST I CAN! Kelly Alexander

Really liked this song, actually,touched me, my life seems to like this right now, thank you for sharing this song , Great voice. Crystal Spurlock

Rick that is a very good song that sounds to me like a life experience is that true That almost broke me down brother. Dwight Ross

thanks you im truly enjoying this .i can't express how great yawl truly are .takes me back .for a moment to realize there is still southern music sound is still in the making it love ya.ll thanks so much Misty Gadd